About Our Logo

The St. James logo was developed by our members and the elements of its design represent the people and life of our Parish.

SJ-logo-final-PrimaryThe central element of the logo is the cross, as it is of our faith. Over the ages, the cross has been seen in many sizes and shapes, but it has always and will continue to represent Christ’s sacrifice for all humanity.

The circle connecting the arms of the cross calls to mind the circle of the Celtic crosses seen on top of the little church, big church, and above the altar. This circle represents the nature of God and His never ending love for us.

The four arrow points pointing outward from the circle represent the people of St. James moving out into the world: into the NE, NW, SE, and NW of our city, our country, and beyond. The resemblance of a compass with the cross in the center also reinforces that our faith in Christ is our guiding principle.

Our outreach ministries are such an important part of the life here at St. James and we wanted this represented in our logo.

In the center of the cross and circle is a bent arrow representing the heart of the St. James community. The arrows begin in the center, travel outward toward the arms of the cross, and return back to the center where they appear to be woven together. We come together to express our thanksgiving (for that is the initial meaning of the word “Eucharist”) and praise to God, who has given us all things. We come to be in community to worship God, and in giving to Him, we receive countless blessings. We take those gifts back out into the world, always returning together as a community of faith to worship together.