Altar Guild

ALTAR 5 - 72r

The Altar Table is placed in the center of the Sanctuary, and is where

Holy Communion is celebrated.

Prepared Altar Table
The Vested Chalice, two Eucharistic Candles, and the Missal and Missal Stand are the elements present on the Altar Table during Holy Eucharist.

Altar Guild Mission Purpose and Membership
The Altar Guild is a lay ministry to serve God in His house by preparing the Sanctuary for worship, maintaining and caring for the sacred vessels, altar linens, and vestments, and serving the clergy and the parish.

Prayer:  O God, bless and accept the work of our hands and of all who minister to Thee in the care of the adornment of Thy Sanctuary. Bless and hallow those who love the beauty of Thy House that Thy Holy Name may be glorified, through Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Our Lord.

The Guild is composed of members who prepare the church and altar for services throughout the year. Some duties include changing hangings and banners each season, washing linens used in the services, assisting at services if needed and replenishing the supplies. A team serves one week a month. There are no regular meetings. And the Guild is open to men and women.

Contact Marcia Kazmierski at 386-752-2461 or 386-288-2695